Warehouse Equipment And Supply Videos

Not sure what kind of system you are currently using in your warehouse? Our warehouse equipment and supply videos can help you identify the system so you can order new equipment from our online catalog that will work with your current equipment seamlessly. From pallet racking to warehouse mezzanines and more, our Chicago-based warehouse optimization business will help you find what you need to increase your efficiency while lowering your costs. Check out these videos then get in touch with us to start working with a project manager and warehouse consultants from DAK Equipment in your area.

3D Pallet Rack Identification Guide

There are a lot of different rack manufacturers out there and they all have their own idea of how a beam should connect to a frame. If you’re having trouble identifying what you have in your facility, the videos below should help.

If you’d prefer, you can also watch them at our YouTube channel. Of course, if you don’t see a match for what’s in your warehouse, just get in touch. One of our experienced project managers will be happy to help.




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