Lease Material Handling Equipment

Responding to the accelerating speed of business can be overwhelming when our budgets didn’t anticipate the current environment. Operational expansion, warehouse optimization or automation to achieve high-speed order fulfillment is possible, even with the most limited budgets. Lease material handling equipment or a full automation solution with DAK.

Here’s how leasing can benefit you in today’s changing environment:

  • Leasing conserves capital and provides 100% financing with no down payment required. Start your projects now!!!
  • Converts a large cash sales price into a low affordable, tax deductible monthly payment
  • Retail your capital for current needs or other investment opportunities
  • Flexibility at the end of the term allows you to purchase the equipment, return or update to new equipment
  • Ability to lease equipment based on your customer’s contract term
  • All equipment, lift trucks, software, services, freight, installation can be lumped in to monthly payment
  • Payments do not begin until your equipment is generating revenue
  • Unbelievably low interest rates

Talk to our experts about leasing your complete custom solution from DAK.

Lease Material Handling Equipment with DAK


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