Warehouse Equipment Supplier Information

Interested in becoming a DAK warehouse equipment supplier? We work with some of the biggest and best companies across the United States, helping them find the right warehouse solutions for their business.

If you’d like to partner with DAK as a supplier, send a request to sales@dakequipment.com for material and installation, or accounting@dakequipment.com for everything else.

  • All installers are required to have a valid Certificate of Insurance on file with DAK.
  • Installers are required to sign and return the waiver for each PO.
  • Installers must return a sign-off sheet from the customer with their final billing.
  • All material or work performed must be included in a valid DAK PO, in writing.
  • PO’s must ship completely for payment to be processed.

Invoices can be mailed to us, or emailed to accounting@dakequipment.com for faster payment.
All invoices for material and installation must reference a DAK PO number, and show the ship date or date service was rendered and must show the ship-to address or service address.

All invoices are paid Net 60, unless prior arrangements have been made. Invoices that offer discounting will be paid earlier based upon the discount. Payments are generally mailed on the Wednesday prior to the due date.


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