Flanged Pallet Racking Systems Support from DAK

8 Facts About Pallet Supports

flanged crossbar

Flanged Crossbar

1.  While manufacturers may publish capacities for their pallet supports, they don’t actually add capacity to the beam level.**

2.  Like wire decking, pallet supports are not designed for point or impact loading. Uniform distributed loading is the rule.

3.  Again like wire decking, pallet supports are designed as a safety measure to prevent pallets from falling through the beams if loaded incorrectly. The beams should always support the pallet.

4.  A good rule-of-thumb is that crossbars are only intended to carry 25% of the pallet weight.

5.  Beams longer than 90″ should have one pallet support mid-span to prevent beam spreading.

tabbed crossbar

Tabbed Crossbar

6.  Tabbed or roll-in crossbars are for use with slotted beams.

7.  Flanged or top-hat pallet supports are for use with beams without slots and can be tek-screwed in place to prevent sliding.

8.  Crossbars are manufacturer-specific due to differences in slot punching and step depths.

**Note:   Number 1 is true for roll-formed rack. Structural crossbars do add capacity due to how they are designed and installed.

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