Used Bolted Frames for material handling systems from DAK

A Warehouse FULL of Used Rack!

We don’t usually focus on used equipment here at DAK, but sometimes we find a deal that’s just too good to pass up.

This is one of those times.

Below you’ll see the details on the frames, beams and row spacers that we just acquired, but please be aware that in addition to these highlights, we also have used wire decks, and entry guides available to help you design a complete system at the best price.

Green Bolted Frames

Used Bolted Frames

42″D x 32’H

3×3 columns


Model 1D

 These are in Great Condition! Over a Thousand Available!


 Slotted 102″ Interlake Beams

5,000# per pair capacity Used 102" Beams

Model 485




 Used but just barely and some in original factory packaging. Over 6,000 In Stock!


Roll-In Pallet Supports

Used Roll-in Pallet Supports42″ Deep


1,130# capacity



For Use With Slotted Beams.  A Ridiculous Quantity Available Today!

Get in touch or give us a call at 630-516-1115 if you’d like to learn more or make a purchase.

If this offering doesn’t meet your needs we do have an additional  selection of clean, high quality used equipment as well.  Visit

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