Add Efficiency and Safety with Pallet Flow Racks

When timely use of product and expiration dates matter, the concept of “first-in, first-out” takes on the highest level of priority for material handling. Being able to quickly and efficiently stock and organize product properly, in order to avoid spoilage and ruin, is imperative to cost-effective warehouse management. Imagine being able to easily and efficiently move large, heavy pallets much like you move individual cartons along a conveyor belt. The addition of pallet flow racks to your warehouse allows you to do that. pallet flow racks

Pallet flow racks seamlessly move pallets and products along inclined rollers, allowing easy transport from input to pick face. This process also protects warehouse employees, creates a more efficient use of time and space and reduces product handling. A comprehensively custom-designed pallet flow rack is ideal for those seeking material handling system solutions in freezer warehouses and food distribution centers. Handling a high-volume of consumer goods is also made more efficient while working in high-traffic areas and dispatching large numbers of pallets. We also carry and distribute carton flow racks for those needing to efficiently handle loose cartons and split cases.

If your material handling equipment is not contributing to the overall efficiency of your warehouse and a pallet flow rack may just be the answer you’re looking for, call the material handling system experts at DAK Equipment. We will properly assess your needs, identify any product management issues and design and build a customized pallet flow rack system that is guaranteed to work for you and your employees. Your personal project manager at DAK will assist in getting you started as soon as you’re ready.

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