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Become a Company Superhero

As the popularity of superheroes has been revived by both TV and movies, it got me thinking about how much I enjoyed comic books as a kid and pretending to have super powers of my very own.

While it was fun pretending to be faster than a speeding bullet or swinging between buildings and punching out the bad guys, like all of us I grew up and put aside my dreams of saving the world after a radioactive insect bite or exposure to gamma rays.

These days I focus on helping others achieve their material handling dreams. It ain’t saving the world, but I still have fun.

Not Faster than a Bullet, but Still Very Quick

superhero speedHere at DAK Equipment, we understand that not every project involves hundreds or thousands of pallet positions and careful design and planning. While I’m always happy to help you with those major projects, I also know that sometimes you just need a fast solution to a storage problem. That’s why DAK stocks 40,000 square feet of pallet rack and other material handling systems.

Along with the huge inventory that’s available to you, our very close to superheroic warehouse staff often turns orders around in 24 hours, making solving your right-here, right-now problems even quicker.


Warehouse Panorama of material handling technology from DAK

Partial View of the DAK Equipment & Engineering Warehouse


I also know that many storage systems are several years old or older and identifying what you already have so you can replace or expand it can be difficult. I get many requests like that and my decades-plus of material handling experience plus access to the other expert project managers here means that I can almost always identify your system and find what you need to solve your problem.

Prefer to do it yourself? Feel free to use our 3D Pallet Rack Identification Guide, available here.


superhero maskThe next time you have a material handling problem that needs an immediate solution, just get in touch.  We’ll be happy to help you become a company superhero. You can leave the mask at home.

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