Boost Efficiency & Yield With Our Materials Handling Systems

Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering, we specialize in materials handling systems and providing solutions for our clients that give them results. For nearly two decades now we’ve been helping our customers succeed and increase their efficiency and productivity through our materials handling solutions. Through their success, we have found our own. Our objectives are to supply quality and value-added solutions, superb customer service, building ongoing and long-lasting relationships with our customers, and selling our products based on value instead of price, all while focusing on what we do well.

Our conveyor systems are ideal for efficiently transporting product between fulfillment steps. Allowing for workflow balance caused by different processing rates at each step in the process, the conveyors provide accumulation buffers throughout the entire process. Accumulation buffers also allow for ongoing, efficient production during delays further down in the process.

There are several types of conveyor systems. The simplest type is not powered by anything except natural gravity and inertia. Gravity conveyors are used mostly for loading and unloading large semi-trucks and for pick modules where employees pass the product on down the line after they’re finished. Powered conveyor systems also exist, bringing greater flexibility and automation to your facility, but in exchange for that they also bring more expenses.

Will a conveyor system work for you??

If you’re looking for reduced operational costs and manpower, with increased capacity, accuracy, and quality of work, the conveyor system solution is right for you. Call DAK Equipment & Engineering today for any and all materials handing systems that you may need. We’re here to help you and help your business succeed!

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