Boost Your Productivity With Our Material Handling Systems

Boosting your warehouse’s productivity and efficiency has never been easier with the material handling systems offered by DAK Equipment & Engineering. With your business’ success as a main objective, our business has been able to grow for the last 20 years into a leader of material handling solutions. Whether you’re in need of a smaller-scaled solution or one that is large and complex, we can help you achieve maximum efficiency.

We offer several solutions to fit your needs. This is an ongoing look at some of those solutions. To see all of them, you can read more here.

Carton Flow Rack. The carton flow rack is powered by gravity. However, unlike the pallet flow rack, this solution is designed for loose cartons or split cases. Carton flow adds efficiency because it eliminates conflict between stockers and pickers by separating the aisles while creating a high visibility of pick faces. This prevents out of stock situations while also providing a first in, first out rotation. This is ideal for: If you’re looking to reduce labor costs while increasing the ability for rapid order picking and high SKU traffic.

Pick Modules. Pick module systems are for high volume order processing facilities. They add a tremendous boost to productivity because they integrate pallet storage, carton flow, conveyor systems and other material handling technologies into a turn-key order processing solution that can decrease labor costs and pick times. This is ideal if: If you have a high-order volumes and you believe that cost is more important than gaining a competitive edge while gaining a technologically advanced distribution system, then the pick modules system is for you.

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