How a Carton Flow Rack Works for High SKU Traffic

Each warehouse and company that our project managers deal with on a daily basis have different needs. Our project managers get to know your business in order to discover which warehouse material flow system is right for you, creating a system that helps you save space and increase workflow. For warehouses with high SKU traffic, a carton flow rack may be the best solution for your pick/pack workers.

A carton flow rack helps keep cartons of items moving efficiently through your warehouse. Our carton flow systems separate the stocking and picking teams so they won’t interfere with each other and slow down work. Cartons are being continuously pushed the front to supply workers, so they won’t have to stop picking orders in order to move boxes to the front of their line. If you aren’t currently using a carton flow rack in your warehouse, you’ll be amazed at how it can make a difference in your labor costs and efficiency.

If you want to find out more about our carton flow rack and if it’s the right choice for your business, get in touch with a DAK Equipment & Engineering project manager. They’ll work with you to find the right solutions, whether that’s a carton flow rack or one of our other material handling options. Our project managers can help with your warehouse design as well as the installation of your new system. Feel free to browse through our website and check out all of the products and services offered by the DAK team!

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