Why Choose Wire Decking: Wholesale Pallet Racks

DAK Equipment & Engineering provides excellent wholesale pallet rack services, among many others, to our customers. We strive to provide the exact type of material handling solution that your specific business needs and through evaluations and surveys of your facility, we’ll come to a decision together; a decision that will grow your business. Today we’re talking about wire decking and why it’s the right solution for your pallet rack system.

So, why exactly should you choose wire decking for your pallet rack system? The most important reasons are for safety, ease of use, and efficiency.

What is it? Wire mesh decking works in conjunction with your pallet rack system to provide a uniform support and safety system to your pallet rack. Wire decking is durable and its benefits far outweigh all other types of shelving. It doesn’t warp or splinter and it lasts year after year as it doesn’t break down over time. Plus, it doesn’t become musty or grow mold in humid environments.

  • Because wire decking is not a solid surface, light can pass through it. This increases the brightness of your warehouse and in turn increases safety and visibility. Plus, it promotes cleanliness as dust cannot build up on the wire decking as easily since it isn’t a solid surface.
  • You’ll also find that using wire mesh decking promotes better air circulation throughout your distribution facility. Since the levels aren’t solid, heating and cooling systems are able to operate more efficiently since air can pass through the mesh.


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