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Fast and Inexpensive? What’s Not to Love?

General Converting Incorporated, a Bolingbrook Illinois company specializing in the design and manufacture of custom packaging and point-of-purchase displays, reached out to DAK Equipment for help in improving the storage for their printing dies.  By developing an innovative solution that saved GCI thousands of dollars over the next best solution, DAK became their vendor of choice for storage solutions.

A handful of months and an equal number of storage solutions later, Jim Scott at GCI mentioned that he had a couple of rack components that were damaged.  Upon inspection, the DAK PM identified seven pieces of racking that had come to harm, as shown here:

Damaged Frame

Replacing damaged uprights due to damage is a complicated process that involves business interruption from unloading the rack and disassembling it so that the frame can be replaced.  In this instance, we recommended a rack repair solution to save time, money and avoid the business interruption.

First, floor level and a single beam level of storage was removed, permitting us to use a custom jack to provide support for the frame and the rest of the beam levels and material, like this:

Rack Repair Jack

With the jack in place, the damaged section of upright was removed:

Rack Repair-Remove Damage

Then the frame repair kit was installed to replace the removed section of the upright:

Column Replacement

Repeat six more times over the next three hours and the damaged frames ended up stronger than the original and completely RMI compliant.

Jim Scott had this to say when the project was complete:  This was a very easy process, DAK came out and went through all the repair areas with the repair team to make sure everything went smooth.

Interested in rack repair or a custom storage solution for your facility?  Find Your Project Manager Here.

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