Warehouse mezzanine with stairs

Going Up!

Utilizing space efficiently in a warehouse or distribution center can be an exercise in trade-offs.  The smaller the footprint of your building, the less expensive utilities become. Shorter distances between receiving, storage, order fulfillment and shipping also add efficiencies and cost savings.  However, buildings sized just right for right now can lead to difficulty expanding or reconfiguring later on.

Adding mezzanine levels can be a fast and easy way to double your space and can cost up to 80% less than a building addition.  In addition to being less expensive initially, mezzanines can also qualify for accelerated depreciation similar to capital equipment, saving you money at both ends of the expansion.

Easy to install, move and expand, mezzanines install in days rather than weeks or months and reduce the disruption of your business.  Free-standing, building-supported, rack-supported or shelving-supported, mezzanines offer solutions for everything from records storage to shelving systems or pre-engineered offices.

DAK has decades of experience in helping customers use the empty space above the material handling happening on the floor.  Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you move up!

Built by Clique Studios