Good Idea? Or Great Idea?

Pallet stops are valuable things to have in many warehouses.  From protecting walls, plumbing, and conduit from pallet impacts to avoiding safety violations, load stops can help defend your facility and your pallet loads from damage.

The problem is that historically, they’ve been a pain to implement.  One piece load stops are special order items, vertical stops can’t help with floor loads and pallet stop kits involve custom bars that often need to be cut to size.

Until now.

Adapt-a-Stop connection brackets use a normal beam as the load stop and provide adjustable depths from 3″ to 6″ deep.

As you can see in this picture, these brackets quickly create a pallet stop at the height and depth you want, with the strength of a beam.


Adapt-A-Stop Installation

Installation of a Load Stop with Adapt-A-Stop

DAK now stocks these flexible brackets for immediate shipment.  Want to learn more or place an order?  Get in touch.

Built by Clique Studios