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Grow Your Knowledge

One of our project managers was recently asked about resources for learning more about racking and other material handling solutions.  Afterwards it occurred to us that our website visitors might benefit from the information that was shared.

Check Out the Institutes

The Material Handling Institute and the Rack Manufacturers Institute both have significant resources available for learning more about rack and other material handling systems and much of it is available online.  Check them out:

RMI Frequently Asked Questions
This link provides excellent information from the manufacturers themselves.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom and check out the links in the gray bar for expanded details.

MHI Fundamentals
Another excellent resource, even though it’s a bit basic.  You’ll start out on the rack fundamentals page but be sure to explore the other areas as well.  You can learn about everything from AS/RS to Industrial Robots.  Be sure and check out the Glossary too.  It’s a great resource if you run into something you’re not familiar with.


Free Rack Counting Guide

A while back, our National Sales Manager John Jiambalvo wrote an internal training guide for new project managers on how to count racking requirements for a project.

We cleaned it up a little and now I’m sharing it with you in case you find it useful as well.

Download It Here




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