How Modular Offices and Mobile Computing is improving Chicago Warehouses

We’ve installed a lot of Chicago modular offices in warehouses. These semi-permanent structures are helping warehouse managers get closer to the action. It’s the best of both worlds! Instead of having a desk in the middle of a busy warehouse floor, they get some privacy, and instead of being tucked away on a second floor or in another building, they can be right there in the middle of the action. It’s a great place to do paperwork, have meetings with your team, and concentrate on making plans to improve your warehouse.

Many warehouses are now pairing modular offices with mobile computing to give their warehouse managers even more freedom. Thanks to the advances in mobile computer, warehouse managers don’t need to be tied to their desks to keep an eye on inventory, cost, or other computer-based information. Many warehouse systems are allowing managers to get the information they need right on their tablets or smartphones, so they can have information at their fingertips while connecting with their team out on the floor.

Of course, no manager can be out on the floor all day every day, and for those times they need to concentrate on the daily operations of their warehouse, DAK Equipment will make sure they have the modular office they need. Give our project managers a call today to learn more about our modular offices and how you can have one built that perfectly fit your warehouse. Contact the DAK Equipment team through our website or give us a call today!

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