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Interlake Cuts Four Beam Profiles

On May 13th we received notice that Interlake Mecalux is cutting their 25E, 32E, 47E, and 55E beam profiles.  If you’re not entirely comfortable with Interlake’s coding system, this means that the 2.5″, 3.25″, 4.75″ and 5.5″ high beams in a 15 gauge steel thickness are no longer available.

While this only affects four beams that DAK stocks for you, I feel it’s important that you be aware of the impact on you as a customer.  DAK will be replacing these beams in our warehouse stock with either the next height up in Interlake profiles or with a compatible Ridg-U-Rak beam.

Please note that Interlake gave us no advance notice and these beams are no longer available.  Once our existing stock of these beams is gone, they will no longer be available.

Feel free to get in touch  if you have any questions or concerns.

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