Make Your Facility Flow Smoother With Pallet Flow Rack

Here at DAK Equipment and Engineering, our passion for supplying our clients with 100% value-added storage solutions and materials handling systems has allowed us to remain in business for nearly 2 decades. We only work with the most premier manufacturers in the materials handling business so that we are able to provide excellent quality and products based on value, never price. We are very excited about our ability to offer pallet flow rack systems to our clients so that they can run their warehouse facilities more efficiently and productively.

But what does a pallet flow rack do??

A pallet flow rack?is ideal for those who need a solution that allows them to increase the number of pallet positions within their facility while being able to rotate their stock. The pallet flow racking solution works sort of like a conveyor system within the rack. The pallets are loaded at the charge area and then they flow down the installed rollers to the pick faces. Our pallet flow racks are available in up to 20 plus pallet positions deep, which means that you can immediately and drastically increase your storage capabilities as soon as the pallet flow racks are installed.

Will the pallet flow rack solution work for you?

Do you need a first in, first out system while maximizing throughtput? Do you have a good stock rotation but you want to reduce stock handling? If so, the pallet flow rack solution will certainly help you increase your facility’s efficiency and productivity. Call us now to get started!

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