It is Imperative You Choose the Right Pallet Jack for Your Pallet Rack System at Your Chicago Warehouse

While pallet jacks may not be the most exciting topic to discuss, they play an important role in your warehouse as any business that moves large-sized inventory can certainly attest. Choosing the correct pallet jack for your operations can be very cost-effective, just as choosing poorly can be costly. That is, it is imperative you choose the right pallet jack for your pallet rack system at your Chicago warehouse.pallet rack chicago

Consider this; an average-sized man who is fit and routinely works out can dead-lift around 275 pounds. Now, an empty wood pallet can weigh as much as 75 pounds, before anything is even placed upon it. You would have to hire a small army to transport pallets without the help of a pallet jack. And just imagine what your labor costs would be. The pallet jack is a staple in most any warehouse environment, but not all pallet jacks are created equal. Before making your selection for a new pallet jack, or pallet jacks, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

What Will You Be Moving?

The first step in this process is to determine what type of products you will be primarily moving. It is of no surprise that the ideal pallet jack for transporting frozen foods will differ from the pallet jack best suited for the transportation of pharmaceuticals. You will want to ensure the pallet rack you choose will hold up to the conditions it will have to endure.

How Much Space Is In The Equation?

If your warehouse employs tight spaces, you certainly have to take that into consideration. While you might be set on a particular model, if it doesn’t fit in the aisles, it is utterly useless. You also need to consider the height of your pallet rack system and the surface in which your pallet jack will be used. For example, an all-terrain pallet jack might be your best bet.

Don’t just buy a pallet rack before doing your homework first, it will save you money and headaches down the road.


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