Make Sure You Set a Schedule to Inspect Your Pallet Rack

We’ve written before about the importance of regularly inspecting your pallet rack system. These inspection can help you catch minor issues that could become major problems later on, and prevent the destruction of inventory as well as injuries to both customers and employees. You are legally required to perform these inspections, too, and they are probably a requirement to keep your insurance. So how often should you be getting your inspections done?

Most companies and warehouses need to have an inspection once or twice a year by an equipment supplier and manufacturer such as DAK Equipment. These once- or twice-annual inspections will be thorough and identify and repair problem areas. This should not be the only time you inspect your pallet rack, though. Be sure to schedule frequent, regular inspections done by yourself or a member of your team to check on your pallet rack between more thorough inspections. Don’t neglect to add an inspection after a collision between a forklift and a rack, too, to check for damage.

Take a few minutes to mark your calendar with both thorough inspections from a DAK Equipment team member along with more frequent sessions done in-house. Once you have your inspection calendar made, give us a call and schedule a time with our inspection team. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your racks are being regularly inspected both for the health and safety of your team as well as legal and insurance requirements. Call 855-863-0340 or use the contact form on our website to reach out to our inspection team.

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