Make Time to Reorganize Your Pleasant Prairie Pallet Racking Systems to Maximize Efficiency

While some warehouses stock and ship the same items throughout the year, more often they have seasonal SKUs that increase and decrease in popularity throughout the year. This is true for most retail business as their inventory changes through the year and meets the seasonal needs of their customers. Having seasonal SKUs means the hottest area of your Pleasant Prairie pallet racking systems probably changes depending on the season and changes the travel patterns of your team. If that’s the case, you might want to consider using a rotating system on your pallet racking systems instead of fixed locations.

A rotating system allows you to bring items that are the most popular SKUs at the moment to locations closest to your pick and pack areas. Bringing these items closer to your team minimizes the amount of time your team is traveling to get them, packing them, and send them out the door. It also eliminates a need to change their travel patterns, keeping travel time consistent all year long no matter how your inventory changes in your warehouse. You’ll see an increase in efficiency when you just a few minutes to reorganize your warehouse depending on your popular SKU numbers.

This might not be the solution for everyone. All warehouses need to determine the system that works best for them, based on inventory, employees, space confinements, and other factors. However, if you haven’t tried a rotating SKU system for your seasonal merchandise, you may want to put it into action and see the difference it makes. You could end up making your Pleasant Prairie pallet racking systems more efficient than ever.

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