Maximize Working Capacity with Pallet Racks from DAK Equipment

If you think your warehouse is at maximum working capacity, think again. Most businesses aren’t utilizing all of their space, and if they are, they aren’t doing it with the best efficiency possible. If you are considering moving your warehouse to a newer, bigger space, let the DAK Equipment & Engineering team take a look at your existing space first. We may be able to help you maximize your working capacity with the right pallet racks and systems to you can stay in your current space for years to come.

We start by looking at your existing setup and identifying problem areas. Our team has years of experience working with warehouses in the Chicago area and beyond, many of them just like yours, so they understand the challenges you face when trying to find the most efficient layout. They will use their knowledge of pallet racks and carton flow system to redesign your warehouse in the most efficient way possible. They’ll show you an AutoCAD drawing that details your new layout, and you can look it over with your team. Once you’ve approved it, our team can get to work on the installation.

Maximizing working capacity won’t just save you space, it will save you money. You’ll be able to stay in a cheaper, smaller warehouse without losing any capacity. You’ll also see an increase in working productivity, which will boost your production, lower your labor costs, and put money right back into your bottom line. Let us help you make that happen. Contact the DAK Equipment and Engineering team today!

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