Anti-Fatigue Mat as a part of Warehouse Designs

Remember the Simple Things

Everyone wants to increase their company’s productivity, and some managers will put together quite a plan in order to do so. That’s all well and good of course, but sometimes the simple things can yield huge results.

Take the subject of mats for instance. They come in virtually all sizes and shapes, depending on the kind chosen, and can often make a major difference in one work area or another. Among the mats DAK Equipment offers include some top-performing anti-fatigue mats made with recycled natural materials.

Some people will be looking to maximize cleanliness and safety. Slip resistant mats will be the choice for them. Others might need static dissipative/ anti-static mats, weld safe mats or just entrance mats. Whatever the need, our quality mats will help you put your best foot forward and reduce some of the 600,000 muscular-skeletal injuries that soak up over $15 billion annually in workers’ comp.

Just give us a call and tell us what you’re looking for, or e-mail us today. We’ll put together a quote for you right away. So clean up any trouble spots you might have and help make your work force even safer and more productive.

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