Learn How Your Selective Pallet Rack System Can Go Green

Many companies are focusing on “going green” in order to reduce their environmental impact. Many warehouses are slow to adopt this environmental consciousness and often the reasons are either because they think it will cost them too much or they simply don’t know that greener options are available to them. The DAK Equipment & Engineering team in Chicago offers selective pallet rack systems and other options for going green.

For those customers interested in going green in their warehouse, the owner and president of DAK, Dave Kenealy, wrote an article called “It’s Easy to Be Green” which you can download for free on our website. This article will give you a lot of helpful information concerning pallet rack, conveyor belt, and other systems DAK can install in your warehouse that can reduce your energy costs and cut back on your environmental impact. This article will also explain how a minimum financial investing in environmentally conscious materials and systems can result in a high payback in the coming years.

Remember that going green isn’t just about reducing your environmental impact–it can also have a positive impact on your bottom line. You’ll end up using less energy, saving on energy costs for your business, and often greener materials help keep employees safer and healthier, resulting in fewer sick days and higher productivity. Want to learn more? Start by downloading our free article, then give one of our project managers a call. They’ll show you the best ways to go green in your warehouse with minimal cost!

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