Solve Your Storage Problem With Industrial Shelves| DAK Equipment

With one focus in mind, our client’s and their success, we strive to offer only the best solutions based on value and never price. Just recently we worked with a HVACR company that needed to make additional room for their growing business and they needed a compatible materials handling system in their new space. We installed a ?selective rack system with wire decking, ?industrial shelving in a two-tier configuration, catwalks, staircases, and handrails, and a line shaft conveyor system with gravity accumulation.

We’re really excited about what our industrial shelving? solutions can provide to our clients. Often our clients find that the pallet rack system alone is not the solution for the storage issue that is at hand. In this case, our industrial shelves could be just the right answer. Because shelving comes in seemingly infinite solutions and varieties, clients find that we can provide endless answers to their storage problems. From basic shelving to complex shelving configurations that involve modular drawers and bin dividers, our industrial steel clip shelving provides solutions for everything from office storage to multi-tier warehouse applications.

Our engineers can design?industrial shelves?to provide safety as well as economical storage. ?Even the most basic shelving solutions can be enhanced with our bins, boxes, drawers, and dividers in order to utilize the most space and create efficient storage yield.

If you believe that our industrial shelves are for you, do not hesitate to give us a call today. Here at DAK Equipment, we put you first.

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