Solve Your End-of-year Right NOW Problems

If you’re anything like me you just had a “How did it get to be December already?!” moment.  Another thing that happens to me is that while I never procrastinate, it seems like there’s always something immediate on my plate that gets in the way of solving those nagging, smaller, I’ll-do-it-next-week problems.

And now December has arrived and next week never quite got here.

I’ve noticed recently that many of my customers are experiencing something similar.  Some of them have had pallet rack frames that got smacked by a forklift one too many times and need replacing.  Others have thought about expanding their storage throughout the year and now have use it or lose it budget to spend.

Unfortunately, most rack manufacturers now have ship dates well into next year which means solving the problem just got trickier.

That’s where DAK comes in.

Instant Gratification

You may not be aware of it, but along with designing and building storage and material handling systems to solve your strategic problems, DAK Equipment is also a stocking distributor of pallet racking supplies.

Because we have 75,000 square feet of the most common material handling equipment, we can meet most needs quickly and easily.


Warehouse Panorama of material handling technology from DAK

Partial View of the DAK Equipment & Engineering Distribution Center

Having the equipment is one thing, but getting it to you when you need it is just as important.  That’s why we offer a 24-hour quick ship program.  Others offer quick shipping as well but they’re idea of fast is 72 hours and sometimes even longer.

If you have a storage problem that you need solved for the holiday rush or maybe even just a need to take advantage of what’s left of your budget, get in touch or find your project manager.

We’re always happy to help with your immediate needs but remember that if you have something more elaborate planned for next year, We will be happy to use our twenty years of material handling experience along with our ability to provide CAD drawings, professional installation and more to help you meet and exceed your operational requirements.

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