Strategic Planning From The Materials Handling Systems Experts

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been providing our clients with speciality materials handling systems to fit their specific needs. From pallet flow racks to conveyor systems, we have everything you need to improve efficiency and productivity within your warehouse or facility. We also ensure that strategic planning is done carefully and safely during the entire process. 

In today’s age, the dual pressures of improving customer service while also reducing costs have made single facility distribution centers a key business priority. This increased focus and attention to customer service and reduced costs means lots of careful planning should go into new facilities or the consolidation of many facilities into one. Location, size, clear-height, product flow, customer demographics, risk abatement, and much more must all be scrutinized to ensure that your goals are both achieved as well as maintained. 

Having several distribution centers that must coordinate logistics already have the complex task of strategic planning. Along with multiplying everything that’s needed for a single facility, planning must also include freight logistics as well as regional considerations – for example, the differences in labor pools and permit requirements. Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering, we have the knowledge and skill to help you plan and optimize your multiple location distribution system. We evaluate every aspect of the logistics plan to ensure that we generate a scenario that helps you make the best choice. 

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