Take Your Storage To A New Level With A Mezzanine

Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering, we love to offer our clients the most up to date solutions for their storage needs. Our primary focus on our clients and their success has helped us realize our own. We continue to give back to our clients and customers through our continuous effort at providing on the best and efficient solutions, like mezzanine levels, for all of their storage and warehouses. After nearly 20 years of putting our clients first, we continue to love knowing our solutions have helped their clients improve their yield and reduce their costs.

Many people don’t look at their warehouse and think about adding mezzanines levels. We love thinking vertically, though! Mezzanines offer a way to take advantage of all that unused space up above and turn it into valuable floor space. Your new mezzanine will be perfect for that office you’ve been dreaming about or maybe even a nice, new break room for your employees. Plus, it’s highly likely that you won’t have to move around your existing warehouse materials as our mezzanines are designed to fit around your existing shelving and machinery. Plus, openings and stairways can be added anywhere you need them.

Is a mezzanine for you?

Do you want additional space without moving to a larger facility? Are you looking to add an in-facility office or break room space without taking up valuable floor space? Maybe you’re looking for storage for slow moving or archived files or you need conveyor support platform? If you answered yes to any of these, call us to find out how well a mezzanine will work for you!

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