We Do Know Most Everything There is to Know about Pallet Racking and Supplies

In our last post, we discussed some of the terms seasoned warehouse personal are all too familiar with. But there are so many terms, we couldn’t possibly put them in one post. So we decided to go ahead and give you a few more terms and their definitions. After all, we do know most everything there is to know about pallet racking and supplies. Let’s make you experts in the industry as well.

  • Drive-in rack refers to a rack pallet system in which the racks are loaded by forklift and placed at the furthest back position. The rails in this type of system are mounted to the upright frames, instead of utilizing a cross beam. This ensures rails are able to hold pallets without interfering with the path of the lift truck.
  • A racking system in which a pallet is loaded onto the rack from the front and subsequent racks push it towards the back in referred to as push-back rack. This type of rack system typically runs five racks deep.
  • Nominal strength is the strength of a pallet rack structure before anything else is factored in, such as resistance factors or safety factors.
  • A surface supported by the pallet rack beams and upon which a load sits is referred to as rack-support platforms.

We hope you walk away from reading this post with a better understanding of some of the terms used in the racking industry. We are Chicago based and here to answer any and all of your questions concerning racking and rack systems. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or even shoot us an email.

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