CAD Drawing of warehousing logistics from DAK

We’re More than Our Products

Material Handling solutions can be as simple as a couple of frames and a handful of beams or as complex as a distribution center full of pick modules and a million dollar conveyor system.  Either way, DAK is happy to provide the equipment you need.  However, the benefits of working with us go far beyond the sum of our products.

The efficient, accurate and safe movement of material into and back out of a facility is a complex dance of non-stop change and DAK project managers know all the steps.  Our consulting services range from basic installation all the way through complete systems design, including working with end-users and architects on:

  •     Facility planning and layout
  •     Projected growth review
  •     Existing space surveys
  •     Complete CAD layouts
  •     Evaluation of existing uses of space
  •     Installation audits

By utilizing DAK’s expertise, past customers have received efficient, flexible, and expandable distribution centers while saving as much as $200,000 on their original concept.  Our knowledge and attention to detail is the ideal combination to help you get the facility you need while staying at or under your budget.

If you need help designing a facility or just need to improve an existing system, give us a call.  Remember, every step we take on your project must bring you closer to your business goals.

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