Mecalux ASRS Solution

Automation: Not Just for the Mega Distribution Center

Basic order fulfillment automation hasn’t changed much….but the application of that technology has.  Today, smaller micro-fulfillment operations can take advantage of automation that once made sense only for large scale facilities.  Automated systems and solutions are now a viable option for small to mid-sized fulfillment companies with sound ROI expectations for labor, order accuracy and improved capacity/through-put. Issues that were once true for large distribution centers – unfulfilled warehouse jobs, turnover, absenteeism – are mirrored in the smaller micro-fulfillment facilities and drivers of:
  • Order inaccuracy
  • Safety hazards
  • Throughput inefficiencies


If these issues are present in your facility, they are indicators that automation could make sense and improve margins. Add to that the continued shift in consumer shopping behavior to online for not only tangible goods, but increasingly for perishable good. The bar for delivery expectation is forever shortened for facilities supporting rural, suburban and urban areas.  Speed has crept up the list of selection drivers for our customers.


Automated goods-to-person systems offer immediate improvements and efficiencies to any operation with goals for increased throughput, improved order accuracy and lower turnover and absenteeism.  Talk to one of the DAK solution experts about this system and others that will transform your operation to accommodate today’s speed of business and increased customer expectation.


If you’re worried about the capital required to implement an automated solution, you can lease your entire new system with DAK! Learn more about leasing.


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