Discover Warehouse Optimization Services from DAK Equipment & Engineering

Our warehouse consultants work with customers all over the midwestern United States every day on their warehouse optimization needs. People come to DAK Equipment & Engineering because we’ve built a reputation as one of the nation’s best when it comes to optimization of the warehouse environment. If you are looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of your warehouse and keep costs down, it’s time to discover all of the services the DAK team has to offer.


Warehouse Optimization Services

Operational Analysis

Let our team take a look at your operation and look for ways to improve on your process.


Survey of Existing & Proposed Use of Space

We can help you make sure you are using your current or proposed space to the best if its ability.

Inventory Survey

Make sure you aren’t holding too much inventory and taking up valuable square footage in your warehouse.

Slotting Analysis

Are you packing your inventory into your warehouse in the most efficient manner? We can make sure.

Facility Layout & Design

Maximize on the space that you have and pack more into your warehouse than you ever thought possible.

Complete System Design & Integration

We can create a warehouse system from the ground up and even offer installation services!

Conveyor System Design

Automate your warehouse with our industrial conveyor systems. We can design and install the system that’s right for you!

And more

No matter what you need, the DAK Equipment & Engineering team is here to help. We’ll find the best optimization solutions for your warehouse.

Talk to Our Warehouse Consultants Today

If you are ready to find ways to improve your warehouse, talk to our warehouse consultants. With our years of experience in the industry and a reputation for helping our clients succeed, you can trust us to help you find ways of improving your operation. Fill out the form below to start working with our team today!


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