How Looking Up Could Help Increase Your Space

Many of the customers who contact our warehouse consultants are desperate to find more space in their warehouse. They may be reluctant to move their operation due to the time and expense involved, not to mention the down time where they could be losing business. They have crammed every shelf full of product and have no more room to expand. Or so they think. A lot of times there is additional space in their warehouses to expand their capacity; it just might not be obvious at first. One of the things we suggest is taking the time to look up.


Expand Up, Not Out

Chances are good that your warehouse has some unused space between the tops of your shelves and the ceiling. That’s unused space that could be used for storage with the right modifications, safety equipment, and professional installation. That’s exactly what the DAK Equipment & Engineering team can help you do. Here are two of the solutions we often recommend to customers seeking more space:


Add onto your pallet racking.

Your pallet racking probably doesn’t need to be at the height that it is at currently. It’s likely only that high because that’s simply how the manufacturer made it. In many cases, we can safely expand your pallet rack shelving upwards to increase your storage capacity. It might involve moving some infrastructure around and possibly investing in lift trucks, but it’s still a lot cheaper than moving your operation.


Install a warehouse mezzanine.

Mezzanine levels can increase your square footage without the need for an expansion. We a variety of mezzanine options, including shelf-supported mezzanines so you don’t lose any of your storage space underneath the structure. You can use the mezzanine for more carton shelving or even move some of your operations off of the warehouse floor and free up space that way.


The DAK Team Can Help With Both

Will these ideas work in your warehouse? The DAK Equipment & Engineering team can help you determine the answer. We can provide total support from the beginning to the end of your warehouse optimization and handle all of those details for you. If you aren’t able to increase your shelving height or install a mezzanine, we’ll find other solutions that can help you expand your capacity. There are solutions for your warehouse, and we’ll help you find them.

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