Making Your Warehouse More Ergonomically Correct

How much attention are you giving ergonomics in your warehouse? Ergonomics is the process of making sure the environment your employees are working in is working for and with them, instead of against them. You hear a lot about ergonomics when it comes to office workers, particularly when it comes to their chairs and how computers are positioned. But ergonomics is just as–or maybe even more–important for warehouse workers. That’s because an ergonomic workplace is one that’s going to help prevent injuries and assist workers to be more efficient in their tasks. That can help lower your operating costs and increase your production, both very good reasons for paying a little more attention to ergonomics.

Not sure where to begin? The warehouse consultants at DAK Equipment & Engineering have some tips to help you start improving your ergonomics!

Tips for Improving Ergonomics in the Warehouse

Eliminate repetitive movements where you can.

Encourage warehouse managers and supervisors to watch for repetitive movements on the job. When they see it, look for ways to either eliminate it or change it to be more ergonomic. Many on-the-job injuries are due to repetitive injuries and eliminating them is a primary focus for ergonomics. If you see team members using repetitive movements to get products from one area to another, look for ways to automate that process so it relies on the repetitive motion of a robot and not on human power.

Get the right equipment for the job.

Having the right equipment for the job can stop a lot of workplace injuries. For instance, if workers are climbing up on ladders a lot to get to products that are way up high very often, consider investing in a lift instead. It’s safer for your team as well as your products. Your team won’t have to worry about their safety climbing up and down a ladder, and you don’t have to be concerned that they are following correct protocol when bringing down merchandise.

Automate where possible.

The more automation you use, the less you are relying on manpower to get the job done. The less you rely on human power, the less chance there is for injury. Automation such as conveyor systems, forklifts, and automated pickers are all ways that you can automate your warehouse and put a stop to repetitive injuries.

Train your team on proper lifting techniques.

Make sure your team knows how to lift. Back injuries are some of the most common in the warehouse, due to the large loads that are often being moved throughout the warehouse. Make lifting training a common part of your training regimen, during employee meetings and for all new hires. Training it once isn’t enough, either. Train on this again and again, even for your experienced employees.

Correct mistakes when you see them.

Encourage managers to make corrections when they see them. The best time to fix a mistake is right after it happens. If employees know that managers are watching, they are going to be more careful about taking care of themselves, too. Empower managers to make changes to the working environment if it’s going to make the warehouse safer for your workers!

There are many other ways you can make a warehouse safer for your team. If you are looking for suggestions, talk to our warehouse consultants! They can help you make your warehouse more efficient and safer for your employees. Get in touch with us today to talk about a problem you are having with your warehouse and we’ll find the right solution. Give us a call or contact us through our website to get started with a warehouse consultant today!


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