Redundant Processes Are a Big Problem For Today’s Warehouses

There are a number of big issues that are common for warehouses to face. Problems like inventory control, warehouse layout, and picking optimization are all things that our warehouse consultants commonly work with warehouses to improve upon. We love finding solutions that help warehouses build their bottom line and become more efficient. One of the biggest issues that warehouses face, though, is something that many of them don’t realize is happening until we point it out: redundancy of processes.

Redundancy can cause a number of problems in your warehouse, including:

  • Slowing down order processing
  • Increase labor needs
  • Driving up costs
  • Decreasing customer satisfaction

All of these are major issues. They make your warehouse more expensive to run and less efficient. It’s likely that you aren’t aware of how many redundancies are built into your warehouse processes, either, until they’ve been analyzed by an experienced warehouse consultant like the team at DAK Equipment & Engineering.

It’s Time to Identify Your Redundancies

Identifying and eliminating the redundancies in your processes is a healthy move for your warehouse. Finding those redundancies and weeding them out, though, is a process that’s easier said than done. You’ll need to critically examine each step of your process and determine whether or not you are repeating something along the way or if there is data being generated that could be found somewhere else in the process.

Here is a common example. Think about how many people have to interact with a pick slip before it gets out the door to the customer. For many warehouses, that pick slip needs to be handled by up to four people (a picker, checker, packer, and loader) along the way. That’s way too many touches on a product to be an efficient process. Instead of going through all of those people, there is technology that can help eliminate some of those steps and get the order out to a customer faster and with the same accuracy.

Redundancies aren’t just found in your processes, either. They can be found in the movement of your team as well. An example of this can be found in the number of trips a picker takes across a warehouse to pack each order. They might pass the same area multiple times while gathering products. Group orders and restructuring how orders are picked can eliminate those redundant trips. Instead of going to an area each time something is ordered, they can go there once and get everything required for multiple orders, getting those boxes out the door to your customers much faster.

We Can Help Streamline Your Warehouse

Eliminating redundancies in your processes and worker movements can streamline your warehouse. It can reduce your costs, get orders out faster, increase worker satisfaction, and boost your bottom line. It’s tough to find the solutions on your own, though. Often, those working in the warehouse are too close to the situation to determine what needs to be done to make it more efficient. Having a third party examine your processes and your warehouse layout can help you find and eliminate those redundancies.

That’s exactly what the warehouse consultants at DAK Equipment & Engineering can do for you. If your warehouse could use a boost in efficiency, you need to contact our team. You can give us a call or contact us through our website to get started. We work with warehouses all over the United States and can put you in touch with a representative who understands your needs and is familiar with your area. Don’t put off this call! We’ll make it simple to get the help your warehouse needs to start working more efficiently. Get in touch with us today!

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