5 Items That Make Your Warehouse More Comfortable for Workers

Making your warehouse more comfortable for your workers is an investment into the productivity of your warehouse. That’s because the happier and more comfortable a worker is on the job, the harder they are going to work and the more productive they are going to be. If you’ve ever been on the job with a headache, sore back, or aching knees, you know how those seemingly minor conditions can hugely affect your ability to produce on the job. Making the working environment as pleasant as possible can cut down on the number of worker’s compensation claims you process as well as the sick time that your workers take to recover from injuries.

Here are five items of warehouse equipment we think are must-haves to make your warehouse space a more comfortable place to work.

Pick Up These Five Items to Make Your Warehouse More Comfortable

Better Floor Matting

Floor matting decreases the impact of stepping down on a hard cement floor all day long. The padding of the matting cushions the impact, absorbing some of the force so it doesn’t affect the knees and other joints. Your workers will feel a huge improvement in how their back, hips, knees and feet feel after they’ve spent a day on the hard cement versus the cushioned floor matting. Put matting in traffic areas such as your packing areas and under workstations.

We recommend: Comfort­ King™ Matting

Ergonomic Work Stations

If your team has to spend time at a desk throughout their day, they need an ergonomic workstation to keep them comfortable. A workstation that’s made for the demands of the warehouse will help eliminate unnecessary stretching or movement, keeping your workers safer from repetitive injuries or muscle pulls. Workstations that have everything within easy reach are best, so they can quickly get tasks done whether they are logging returns, processing arrivals, or working on customer service issues. Look for workstations made for a warehouse, with bin storage and extra power outlets.

We recommend: LMT Workstations with Accessories

Back Supports

Giving your team the right equipment to protect their body as they work is a win/win for both of you. They’ll have fewer injuries and sick days and you’ll have a team that can put in extra effort to get the job done. Back supports are a must-have item in any warehouse because they support your workers as they bend, stretch, lift and move items throughout the space. Look for back supports that are adjustable and fit comfortably over clothing. Make sure you have a variety of sizes on hand for your team, too.

We recommend: Back Elastic Supports

Safety Ladders

Your team is going to need to climb up to get to storage that’s above their reach from the ground. They can do it with rickety ladders or they can do it safely with safety ladders. Safety ladders allow your workers to climb up what is essentially a rolling set of stairs. It’s much safer than climbing up traditional ladders, thanks to the inclined angle and safety rails that prevent falls. Safety ladders can be easily rolled out of the way when they aren’t needed, too, making them easy to use when needed and stored when they are not.

We recommend: M-2000 Rolling Safety Ladders

Comfortable Chairs

When your team needs to sit, they should do it in a chair that supports them. Whether they are on the assembly line or processing paperwork, a comfortable and supportive chair is a must-have. Look for chairs that offer adjustability to suit the different needs of different workers. Ones that are easily cleaned are a bonus, too.

We recommend: Ergonomic High-Tech Series

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