How the Right Warehouse Equipment Solves the Biggest Warehouse Issues

Think you could name the 3 biggest issues a warehouse encounters? If you’ve worked in a warehouse for any length of time, you probably can. We’ve been in the warehouse equipment & consulting business for over 30 years, so we’ve heard it all. Here are some of the most common problems warehouses come to us with and how the right warehouse equipment can help them.

Common Issues in Warehouses

Inaccurate inventory.

It’s the end of the year and inventory is at the front of most warehouse managers’ minds. It’s time for the dreaded annual count when you discover just¬†how off your inventory counts are and are forced to confront the issue and figure out how to make it better. If this sounds like a situation you’ve encountered (and will again soon), it’s time to look at your warehouse equipment and processes and determine how you can make inventory an easier process.

How to fix it: Don’t rely on annual counts alone. If you are having loss issues, so smaller counts more often throughout the year. Task employees with counting shelves on a monthly or weekly basis. It can encourage your team to be more diligent with items as well as aid in the recovery of lost items on the wrong shelves. Using the right bins and carton flow racks can keep things organized, too, so you aren’t struggling to make small items seen on large shelves.

Not enough space.

Honestly, this is probably the most common issue facing warehouses. It’s no wonder. Businesses are constantly evolving and many are bringing on more and more SKUs in an effort to keep up with customer demand. Along with seasonal demand, this can turn your spacious warehouse into a cramped, cluttered, and confusing space. Most warehouses are constantly looking for more storage space, when the answer was likely hidden in their warehouse equipment all along.

How to fix it: Talk to the warehouse consultants at DAK Equipment & Engineering. We have a variety of potential solutions for you. We can send you a warehouse layout that uses your existing warehouse equipment in an optimized design, increasing your storage capacity and creating better flow. We can also offer suggestions on warehouse equipment that can help you create more space, like different shelving options, mezzanine decks, and more.

Slow picking process.

The faster you pick your order, the sooner they get out the door, and the happier your customers are about their order. Slow picking is a bane on a warehouse and can severely damage their bottom line. It often happens because not enough of the process has been automated or items are spread across too great of a distance in the warehouse.

How to fix it: Automate more of your warehouse equipment. For instance, move boxes from one location to another using a conveyor system. You can also slot your warehouse, moving items that are commonly purchase together closer on the warehouse floor in order to eliminate unnecessary steps.

Have questions about how to overcome your common warehouse problems? Talk to our team today!

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