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New Product Alert: Roll Out Pallet

DAK Equipment and Engineering and Roll Out Racks want you to be the first to know about a new product at a competitive price: Roll Out Pallet. The design, construction, and features of Roll Out Pallet make hand picking safer and more efficient.


  • The Roll Out Pallet rolls on tracks installed on your existing beams, preventing unexpected relocation of pallets
  • The Pallet always slides out of the rack and the material comes to you; reaching and crawling for stored material become things of the past
  • Since you no longer need to crawl to get at materials, the first level of beams can be lower, giving you more storage space
  • The standard brake system securely holds the Roll Out Pallet in place while the lift is loading it, which eliminates a lot of dangerous handling
  • 1,000 lbs. UDL
  • Fits on structural and roll-formed racking





Call us at (630) 516-1115 to discuss integrating this solution into your current system! Our Engineers will design a solution that works with what you’ve already invested in.


Built by Clique Studios