From Wholesale Racking to Supply Equipment, We Deliver Solutions You Can Build Upon

At Dak Equipment and Engineering, we work with our customers to provide strategic solutions to their business problems. From wholesale racking to supply equipment, we deliver solutions you can build upon. If your company has a stockpile of unusable pallets, here are several ways in which they can be re-purposed.

At a glance, wood pallets are cheap wood that looks totally ugly, and most people wouldn’t even think twice about just using them for kindling. But, some people have a vision and find them rather appealing. With minimal effort and even less skill, pallets can be seen as Lego pieces and can be turned into something amazing. You can clog our landfills with these otherwise useless chunks of wood, or you can opt to find creative uses for them.

One of the more popular ways to utilize old wood pallets is by making a table out of them. After all, the pallets natural shape lends itself well in being converted into a table. There are an array of shapes and sizes for you to choose, and no two can ever be alike. So go ahead and convert those pallets into your next coffee table.

Art is in the eye of the beholder. That is, what is one man’s garbage is another man’s masterpiece. Re-purposing pallets doesn’t necessarily mean turning them into furniture, they can serve as pieces of art as well. There really is no limit in the ways you can turn pallets into wall decor. You can even create pallet art that serves a utilitarian purpose. For example, turn that wood pallet into a DVD rack or a wine rack.

Whatever you choose to do with your pallet racks, be confident it will be a screaming success.



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