We are More Than Wholesale Racking and Pallet Racks, We Offer Several Types of Services to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Costs

At Dak Equipment and Engineering in Chicago, we are more than wholesale racking and pallet racks, we offer several types of services to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. We are also experts in the field of pallet rack equipment and systems. If you happen to be an experienced warehouse veteran, you are no doubt very well-versed in the jargon and terms used within the industry. An expert in rack systems will know the vocabulary of all things associated with pallet racks, but many out there are still unfamiliar with many of the words and terms. For those who are new to the industry, we have compiled a short list of terms and their definitions to help you sort through some of your confusion. But not to worry, we won’t quiz you on this at the end.

  • In pallet rack terms, a beam is a word describing the horizontally-oriented pallet rack component for which the load rests.
  • Buckling strength is the term used for the boundary¬†of weight a pallet rack can hold without buckling or completely collapsing.
  • Case flow rack or carton flow rack is a system where horizontal components are organized in such a manner that enables cases to be loaded onto one end and picked up on another end. These rack systems are gravity driven and used most frequently in high-volume distribution centers.
  • Stability is very important term that refers to the structure of a pallet rack. Simply put, it refers to the ability of a rack structure to not move about or otherwise shift under load placement.

We hope you have learned something today. For more information concerning pallet rack systems, feel free to contact us.


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