A Good Warehouse More Than Wholesale Pallet Racks

Your warehouse or distribution center exists for one reason and that one reason is getting product to the consumer. This means that it’s extremely important to ensure that your pallets and products are handled with care as to deliver the goods to the consumer with quality expected from your brand and to keep costs in your distribution facility as low as possible. Here at DAK Equipment & Engineering, your premier wholesale pallet rack specialists, we understand these concerns because we’ve faced them ourselves. We are constantly working to improve our efficiency and improve the efficiency of our customers’ warehouse operations. So, how do you know where to get started? How do you reduce your costs?

Take a look a good look around at your warehouse and take notes of what you see. Do you easily find or see debris lying on the floor? Is your distribution facility using the correct lift trucks? Are your employees comfortable and are they being as productive as they can be? Are your operators properly trained to use the life trucks they’re using? All of these factors and questions are important to ask yourself when trying to better your warehouse operations and when trying to prevent your products from being damaged.

One of the most important factors from above is keeping your product and employees safe and in compliance with law. All warehouses and distribution centers need to be at least up to par if not exceeding OSHA standards – not only with physical warehouse safety features but also operator training. When your operators are properly trained and knows their vehicle’s capacity and stability, you’ll find that you have less damage and more product to deliver to consumers.

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